North Quantum Networks (NQN)

At North Quantum Networks (NQN), we don’t just provide IT solutions; we revolutionize the way businesses harness technology. Rooted in over two decades of industry leadership, our foundation is built on the profound expertise and visionary approach of our founders.

Pioneering IT Excellence with Proven Expertise

Welcome to North Quantum Networks, where over 20 years of IT expertise converge with visionary leadership to forge a new era of technology solutions. Our founders, equipped with elite certifications and a legacy of shaping IT leaders, stand at the forefront of innovation. Dive into the NQN journey, where profound industry knowledge transforms into life-changing IT strategies, tailored for your business success.

The Experts Powering NQN

Discover the exceptional minds behind NQN – a team where each member is not just an IT professional but a visionary in their field. Together, we navigate the complexities of technology, transforming IT challenges into strategic business assets.

Rouzbeh Keshavarz

Founder & IT Architect

Rouzbeh Keshavarz, the founder of NQN, is a mastermind in IT architecture, known for his innovative solutions at Samsung Electronics. Managing complex systems, designing resilient data networks, and implementing cutting-edge virtualization projects are hallmarks of his extensive career, establishing robust IT frameworks that drive business success.

Hamid Talebi

Security advisor

Hamid Talebi, Security Consultant at NQN, is celebrated for his strategic IT acumen. His significant contributions as an IT Instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology have shaped the IT domain. At Vancouver Community College, his expertise in network technology and security has driven innovation and set new benchmarks in IT excellence.

Forging the Future with Certified Brilliance

Certifications - Our Framework of Expertise

At NQN, our certifications narrate a story of dedication, expertise, and foresight. They are not merely badges of honor but are active components of our strategic approach to IT solutions. This comprehensive suite of certifications empowers us to tackle diverse IT challenges, ensuring your business leverages technology that’s secure, efficient, and forward-thinking.